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What Exactly Is Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance?

In the state of Michigan, individuals injured in an auto accident are required to turn to their own auto insurance company for benefits — regardless of which driver was at fault.

Can I Still Sue Someone If I’m Injured In A Car Accident?

Yes. Generally, Michigan’s no-fault laws requires you to obtain benefits through your own insurance company if you are injured in an auto accident. However, there are limited instances when you can file suit against the other at-fault driver to recover, for instance, noneconomic damages like pain and suffering. Since each case is different, you should consult with an experienced attorney in this area to see if your case warrants overcoming the threshold.

What Is The PIP Benefit In Michigan?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection benefit. PIP is the keystone of the no-fault insurance system in Michigan. It requires that the auto insurance providers pay for 100% of an insured’s medical bills with no cap. In plain English, this means that if you were seriously injured in a car accident and you will require medical attention for the rest of your life, your car insurance policy would pay for your medical bills for all injuries resulting from the accident.

Am I Limited To The Settlement Offered By My Insurance Provider?

No. Although your insurance company is responsible for paying for your medical and other expenses, it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney first to make sure the settlement offer is adequate and appropriate for your injuries and situation. Your insurance adjuster is not your advocate; your attorney will be.

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