Grand Rapids Personal Injury Attorney

Do You Have A Lawsuit?

If you suffered or someone you know has serious or fatal injuries because of the negligence of another party, you may be able to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages because of an injury, damage to your car — all of these expenses can be reimbursed through a lawsuit.

If you were in an accident that was caused by another party, we can talk through the situation and identify whether you have a claim.

At Failey Law PC, we help individuals in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan receive the full and fair compensation they deserve after an accident. We know this can be a confusing process, but we will take the time to explain each step. We educate our clients about their rights and options, and we explain the possible outcomes of each case. If we do not think your case is strong enough, we will tell you that at the beginning.

You Have Nothing To Lose By Talking To A Lawyer

We don't get paid unless you do. Your initial consultation is free, and so are subsequent conversations with attorney Bill Failey.

Everything you tell the insurance companies may be used to deny your claim. Talk to us before you talk with a representative from the insurance company.

We are here to help individuals like you receive the legal counsel you need. Learn more about the counsel we provide by scheduling your free initial consultation. We can be reached through our contact form or by calling 616-965-1239.