Who pays for the injuries you suffer in a collision with a truck?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you drive in and around Grand Rapids, you undoubtedly encounter dozens or even hundreds of tractor-trailers. After all, I-196, I-96 and Highway 131 are major routes for interstate commerce. If you collide with a commercial vehicle, though, you are at risk of suffering serious and life-altering injuries.  

In 2019, 160,000 individuals required medical treatment following truck accidents in the U.S. Most of these were not truck drivers or their passengers. While accident-related medical care and related expenses can be costly, you may have some options for seeking financial compensation.  

Commercial truck drivers

Like all other drivers, commercial truckers have a legal duty to drive reasonably. If a driver breaches this duty and causes an accident, you may be able to use a negligence theory to pursue compensation. In the interim, your no-fault car insurance or health care coverage may help you pay mounting medical bills.  

Commercial trucking companies

If you suffer serious bodily injury or disfigurement in a truck accident, the truck driver may simply not have the financial resources to pay for your costly damages. The commercial trucking company that employs the driver probably has deeper pockets.  

Third-party vendors

While the actions of a commercial trucker or trucking company may have caused or contributed to the accident, third-party vendors may also bear some responsibility. If a mechanic’s error played a role in the crash, you may have a valid legal claim against the mechanic. The same may be true for a parts manufacturer or supplier who sold defective components.  

Ultimately, you should not have to pay for the catastrophic consequences of someone else’s actions. By exploring every individual and entity who may have contributed to the accident, you may boost your chances of receiving the compensation you need to move forward with your life.