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What Does It Mean That Michigan Is A No-Fault State?

Michigan is a no fault state. In a nutshell, no fault insurance means that regardless of which driver caused the accident, both people injured in the accident file claims with their own car insurance companies to cover their medical expenses. In order to get car insurance in Michigan you have to purchase the minimum coverage, which is commonly referred to as PL/PD.

If you were injured in an accident that was caused by another person's negligence, it's critical to protect your rights by talking with an experienced lawyer.

Call our firm — Failey Law PC — after a car accident, and we can help you determine whether you should file a lawsuit. Initial consultations are free, we don't get paid in personal injury cases unless you do. That means you can talk to us to determine whether you should move forward — without incurring more bills.

We help individuals in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan receive the compensation they need after car accidents. We represent families who have suffered fatal or serious injuries, including head injuries, concussions or broken bones.

Can I Still Sue Someone If I'm Injured In A Car Accident?

The answer to that question is generally yes. However, every case is different and must be evaluated to determine if your injuries overcome the minimum no-fault threshold.

Is This A Good Thing For Michigan Drivers?

Michigan drivers who are injured in a car accident will have 100 percent of their medical bills paid for by their car insurance company under the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefit. PIP is included in all auto insurance sold in Michigan.

What Is The PIP Benefit?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection benefit. PIP is the keystone of the no-fault insurance system in Michigan. It requires that the auto insurance providers pay for 100 percent of an insured's medical bills with no cap. In plain English, this means that if you were seriously injured in a car accident and you will require medical attention for the rest of your life, your car insurance policy would pay for your medical bills for all injuries resulting from the accident.

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