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Why are pit bull bites so dangerous?

Although any dog could act aggressively, pit bulls have a reputation as the breed most likely to attack. Although not every pit bull is a dangerous dog, individuals are right to be wary of any animal that makes them uncomfortable.  These are some reasons why you may...

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What to expect in a wrongful death lawsuit

It is hard enough to deal with the untimely loss of a loved without thinking too much about the circumstances leading to the death. But if you suspect that someone or even an organization is responsible for the passing of a family member, you have the right to file...

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Motorcycle safety in Michigan

Motorcycle accidents kill far too many people in Michigan and Kent County. Many accidents are preventable. The state recorded 109 motorcycle fatalities and 2,168 injuries in 2018. Kent County saw nine fatalities and 139 injuries. Motorists must share the road, but...

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