Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In Michigan, individuals who are injured in car accidents can have all their medical bills paid for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily true for victims of motorcycle accidents. In order to receive the compensation they need, it is critical to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

When you contact our firm — Failey Law PC — we can help determine who caused the accidents, and we will work to hold them accountable. Although you may not automatically be granted the same benefits as other auto accident victims, you may still be entitled to compensation. We help individuals throughout the Grand Rapids metro receive the full and fair compensation they need after motorcycle accidents.

Building Strong Motorcycle Cases

Constructing a winning motorcycle case is often more challenging than achieving success in other types of personal injury cases. Merely proving that the other driver was at fault is not enough. As a result, building a strong motorcycle case is more complicated. Often, details that seem insignificant make the difference between a million-dollar case and something much smaller.

Attorney Bill Failey and our legal team have the knowledge it takes to build a case that can bring you the justice you deserve. We know how to communicate effectively with doctors and other experts to create strong cases, even in the face of difficult circumstances. Learn more about the compensation you may be entitled to by scheduling a free initial consultation. We can be reached through our contact form or by calling 616-965-1239.