Grand Rapids Personal Injury Attorney

The laws governing personal injury are complex, and many accident victims do not understand what they need to do to protect their rights after an accident. Insurance coverage can be confusing, and it's easy to misunderstand the coverage that is available.

As a result, accident victims often suffer a second victimization. Insurance companies take advantage of them by denying coverage or making it difficult for them to receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Whether you have questions about your insurance coverage or the coverage the negligent party's insurance should be providing, we can help. At Failey Law PC, we are committed to helping individuals secure the compensation they need and deserve after accidents. Attorney Bill Failey represents individuals in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan in a range of personal injury matters such as:

Does The Negligent Party Have Adequate Insurance?

Often, the pain and suffering that comes with an injury is intensified by the realization that the person who caused the accident has inadequate insurance. Even if that happens, you may still be able to receive compensation.

Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to help maximize the financial settlement you receive. The first step in the legal process is scheduling a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. Attorney Bill Failey can be reached through our contact form or by calling 616-965-1239.