Grand Rapids Wrongful Death Attorney

If you lost a loved one recently, your mind is on the grieving process. However, if you think your loved one's death may have been caused by the negligence of another party, it's critical to contact an experienced lawyer who can help you determine whether you may be eligible for compensation from a wrongful death settlement.

At Failey Law PC, we know that this is a difficult time. We help families throughout the Grand Rapids metro focus on grieving and recovering, while we handle the legal side of things.

It's important to contact a lawyer relatively soon after the accident. In Michigan, the statute of limitations states that you only have two years to file a lawsuit, and that time goes quickly. Talking with attorney Bill Failey does not mean that you need to move forward with your case today, but he will explain your rights and the process.

Unlike other types of injury lawsuits, a wrongful death case involves more than just filing a lawsuit. By talking to a lawyer about your options, you can help ensure the statute of limitations does not close before you've had a chance to pursue justice.

Understanding How The Value Of Wrongful Death Cases Are Determined

We recognize that there is no amount of money that can replace a deceased loved one, and that is not the goal of a wrongful death lawsuit. Compensation in wrongful death cases can be used to help families address the financial strain they face after losing a family member. The exact value of the case is determined by a number of factors, including the age of the victim, his or her income and the cause of the accident.

Learn more about the compensation you may be eligible for by scheduling a free initial consultation. We can be reached through our contact form or by calling 616-965-1239.