Grand Rapids Brain Injury Attorney

Some injuries are obvious as soon as they happen. It's hard to overlook a broken bone or severe bleeding. Unfortunately, some of the most severe injuries do not always have visible symptoms. If a person has a concussion, for example, there may not be any external signs of the injury.

Light sensitivity, short-term memory loss and dizziness can all be symptoms of a brain injury. However, those symptoms can take days or weeks to develop. If you were in an accident and think you hit your head, it's critical to get your brain checked as soon as possible.

If you wait to request treatment, it can be difficult to prove that the head injury was caused by the accident. Requesting an MRI or other evaluations immediately can help preserve your personal injury claim.

At our firm, Failey Law PC, we can help individuals in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan receive the medical treatment they need. Once the doctors have determined the full scope of your injury, we can build a case that covers your short- and long-term medical and rehab costs.

Determining The Scope Of The Injury

Some traumatic brain injuries (TBI) may seem minor initially, manifesting as headaches until months or years after the accident. It may be that long until more serious symptoms — such as impaired motor skills — begin to surface. Even something that seems like a minor injury initially could turn into a major disability.

If you think that you hit your head during an injury, go to the doctor. Let a professional make the call. Your health comes first. Attorney Bill Failey can handle all the details of your case for you after you've been seen by a medical professional and had your physical injuries assessed and treated.

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